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Titel: The David Sling
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The David's Sling system entered into service with a ceremony on 03 April 2017 at the Hatzor military base in central Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Defense officials were in attendance at the ceremony launching Davidís Sling

David's Sling will be based in two national sites, and its launch sites will be mobile. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems developed David's Sling, together with the US defense company Raytheon. David's Sling multi-mission radar was developed by ELTA, an IAI subsidiary, and its fire control station, dubbed Golden Almond, was built by Elisra, a part of Elbit Systems.

David's Sling is designed to intercept short and medium range theatre ballistic missiles (TBMs) from non-separating SCUD-B and SCUD-Cs to separating SCUD-Ds, as well as long-range maneuverable rockets and cruise missiles. David's Sling, with its unique dolphin-shaped manuverable nose can travel over Mach 15, changing direction to seek out its target in the atmosphere providing a hit to kill kinetic metal on metal intercept within centimeters against reentry warheads from ballistic missiles and much slower cruise missiles.

The Davidís Slingís interceptor missile is an advanced weapon with a greater range than the interceptor used by Iron Dome, at least in part due to engine, which switches off and on a few times during the flight. The test involved no warhead, with a trial involving a warhead to be held by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the future

Een nieuwe raket verdediging systeem voor Isreal, Iron Dome zag al veel actie en momenteel nog steeds. Met deze installatie zou men minder Iron Dome systeem te hoeven plaatsten omdat men meer bereik heeft.

Zoals atlijd heeft het systeem weer een instressante naam gekregen.