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Saddam urges united Iraqi fight
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Saddam urges united Iraqi fight

Published: 2006/10/16 17:21:08 GMT

Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has urged Iraqis to set aside internal conflicts and unite in driving US-led forces from the country.
In a letter dictated from prison, Saddam Hussein calls on Iraqis not to be "distracted" by settling scores.

Saddam Hussein is on trial in Baghdad for crimes against humanity.

The Iraqi capital has seen another day of violence as two car bombs exploded almost simultaneously in a north-east district, reportedly killing 20.

The bombs struck just after sunset as Muslims were gathering to pray after breaking their Ramadan fast.

Earlier, at least 10 people died when a car bomb exploded in a market in the mixed Sunni-Shia town of Suweira.

Also on Tuesday, the brother of the chief prosecutor in Saddam Hussein's genocide trial was killed in western Baghdad.

Emad al-Faroon was shot dead by gunmen as he returned home with his wife.

'Great unified Iraq'

In his three-page letter, dictated to and delivered by his lawyer, Saddam Hussein describes Iraqis as living in "the most difficult period in history".

He explains that he is writing the letter as "my chances to express my opinion are limited in detention".

Saddam Hussein, who is not allowed to address the Iraqi people during his appearances in court, has been thrown out of his own trial several times for making political statements.

He blames foreigners for sowing division in "a united and undivided country".

Referring to the rash of sectarian killings and violence, he writes that Iraqis should not be tempted to use excessive force.

"I urge you... to apply justice and righteousness in your jihad, and refrain from being drawn into recklessness, God forbid."

Referring to the sectarian splits in the country he says he yearns for a "great unified Iraq, which is not split by any colour, segment or allegation".

The letter, dated Sunday, was apparently dictated during a four-hour meeting with his lawyer on Saturday.