IAI Kfir Block 60

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Ja, maar dat is geen directe doorvertaling naar de kosten die zij hebben gemaakt.

Die markt, Dat is vraag en aanbod, en wie wil er nu een oud toestel. Die markt is klein. En daar past colombia perfect in.
"Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion" US secmindef - Jed Babbin"


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Israeliers hebben die hele  f-414 leeg getrokken en voorzien van eigen electronica en software. Is nou niet dat ze zitten te programmeren met op onwerkbare oude zooi.

Zal niet veel meer moeite zijn dan de overige tuigen van hun vloot. Kost allemaal heel veel geld, maar in huis.

Voor $50 miljoen heb je een Kfir NG met 0 uren en voorzien van een F-414 motor, nieuwe avonica, een AESA radar, een glas cockpit en Fly-by-wire ( FBW ).


Israeliers hebben die hele  f-414 leeg getrokken en voorzien van eigen electronica en software. Is nou niet dat ze zitten te programmeren met op onwerkbare oude zooi.

Zal niet veel meer moeite zijn dan de overige tuigen van hun vloot. Kost allemaal heel veel geld, maar in huis.
"Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion" US secmindef - Jed Babbin"


Overigens heb ik zeer veel respect voor de Israelische luchtvaart en defensie industrie omdat men er nog steeds in slaagt de Kfir van updates te voldoen, deze keer de integratie van de General Electric F-414  motor.  De  F-414 die lichter en kleiner is, minder brandstof verbruikt en meer vermogen levert.

Als pluspunt schept de wijziging naar F414 motor, ruimte voor de toevoeging van een brandstoftank van ongeveer 1000 liter.

Ten slotte zal de Kfir, om met deze verhoogde belasting te kunnen opstijgen en opereren, worden uitgerust met nieuwe welvingskleppen , bijgestaan door een Fly-By-Wire vluchtsysteem.

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Dat gaat gewoon een Kfir NG worden.

Zou kunnen maar... ik sluit de Griepen E zeker nog niet uit. men gaat in dat land opzoek naar nieuwe financiering. De Gripen E is in aanschafprijs inmiddels te vergelijken met de F-35A maar in exploitatie het meest budget vriendelijke westerse volwaardige gevechtsvliegtuig.

De race is nog niet gelopen.


Kfir NG upgrade pitched to Colombia

The IAI Kfir NG was pitched at this years Paris Airshow being offered to the Colombian Air Force. The NG stands for next generation, upgrading the platform with a more advanced AESA radar and the GE F414 engine used in the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. These upgrades will increase the aircrafts thrust to weight ratio as the GE F414 provides more thrust than the J79. The F414 produces 22,000 lbf (97.9 kN) With full Afterburner.

It is unclear if the Kfirs will be new builds or upgrades of the existing Kfirs. The Colombian Air Force currently operates 20 Kfir C7s and 1 TC2. The existing Kfirs in Colombian service use ELTA EL/M2021B radars. The offer is similar to the Kfir C10 pitched to Argentina.

The Kfir is Colombia?s primary fixed wing fighter aircraft and the only fighter type in service. The force is designed to provide air defense of the country?s borders, in particular from neighboring Venezuela which possesses a larger fighter force. The Kfir also has a robust ground attack capability being able to deliver ordinance, including the Mk82, Mk84 and AGM-65. Unguided rockets such as the 68 mm SNEB can also be employed.



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Het wordt geen van beide

Dat gaat gewoon een Kfir NG worden.

Dat houdt in dat de General Electric J79 vervangen wordt door de General Electric F414, nieuwe avoncia en een  AESA radar


Developed By Israel, Designed For Asia – Meet 'Re-Engineered' Kfir Fighter Jet That Resembles The Mirage 2000

The Sri Lanka Air Force's (SLAF) five Israeli-made Kfir fighter jets will reportedly get a $50 million upgrade with new sensors, electronics, and avionics from the plane's maker itself – the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

The enhancement of operational capabilities of the fighter jet will allow the SLAF even more complex missions than it is currently capable of, which includes rapid air interdiction and ground strike. It has been using the Kfirs since 1995-96 when it first acquired the six Kfir C.2s and a single-seat trainer TC.2.

The all-weather, multirole, and Mach 2-capable jet was Israel's second domestically produced fighter, an evolution of the first IAI's Nesher, itself an evolution of the largely based on the French Mirage 5.

The Israelis had studied, reverse-engineered, and obtained detailed technical details and blueprints to eventually develop heavily improved and capable fighters – often considered a symbol of the Jewish nation's techno-industrial capability.

The Kfir instantly resembles the Indian Air Force's (IAF) Mirage-2000, with the delta-wing design. But it also sports swept-back canards over the engine air-intakes and a non-protruding exhaust.

The Kfir Upgrade Program
The project involves installing highly advanced electronics, radar, sensors, networking and data linking devices, communication systems, and new helmets, which are believed to have Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) visors.

These upgrades push the aircraft to the 4+ generation category that makes a single plane quite capable of undertaking a multitude of roles and operational flexibility.

IAI is also expected to impart technical skills and knowledge to SLAF personnel with handling and maintaining the new equipment in the island nation's local facilities. In 2012 and 2018, the Colombian Air Force's Kfir fleet participated in the United States Red Flag exercise, alongside the US Air Force and other air forces.

The Kfir displayed exceptional capabilities throughout the exercise, going toe to toe with the F-15, F-16, and other participating aircraft. The Colombian jets themselves had undergone an extensive overhaul recently by the IAI itself.

"I am proud that IAI's Kfir has been chosen by customers around the world, including in the United States and as the Colombian Air Force's primary fighter jet. I am grateful to Sri Lanka's Air Force for choosing to renew their Kfir selection and continue using the Kfir as their Multi-Role Combat Aircraft.

I believe this deal is an early step in preparing for future upgrades to the advanced model KNG (Kfir New Generation)," said Yossi Melamed, IAI Executive VP and GM of IAI's Aviation Group.

IAI's Aviation Group has many years of experience upgrading military and commercial aircraft. The group undertakes projects on aircraft including executive jets, avionics, structural assemblies, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), conversion of passenger airplanes to freighter configuration, etc for air forces, airlines, and major defense companies.

Some of its clients include the Israel Air Force, US Air Force, Lockheed Martin and Boeing.  A similar project was undertaken with the Indian Air Force (IAF), where its 1960s Russian-origin vintage MiG-21 Bisons were upgraded with advanced electronics and HMDs, marking the company's specialization in being able to work on foreign origin planes with its own top-of-the-line systems.



A fighter without a gun . . . is like an airplane without a wing.

-- Brigadier General Robin Olds, USAF.


Kfir fighters offered to Africa

The Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Kfir Block 60 fighter aircraft that were intended to be sold to Argentina are now being offered to an African country.

Officials from that country recently visited Israel to negotiate the purchase of the upgraded fighter aircraft and other systems like different types of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Argentina last year halted negotiations about a possible purchase of 12-14 upgraded Kfir Block 60 fighters. Israeli sources said on 15 March that "political reasons" caused negotiations to end.

Other sources said that the US objected the sale. The Kfir is powered by a US-made J79 engine. The Block 60 is offered by IAI with a J79 engine with zero hours after a total overhaul and Elta 2032 AESA radar.

Kfir fighters are in service with the air forces of Sri Lanka, Ecuador and Colombia. The latter's have been upgraded with Elta EL/M-2032 radar, Rafael Litening targeting pod, aerial refuelling capability and improved cockpit displays.

According to sources in Argentina, the Argentinean government received a proposal from Paris for the acquisition of between 20 to 24 second-hand Dassault Mirage 2000C fighter jets.

IAI subsequently sought to sell the Kfirs elsewhere, such as to the United States for 'Red Air' aggressor training. Options include private companies ATAC and Draken International.



IAI outlines Kfir developments for Colombia, Sri Lanka, ATAC

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has noted a number of developments for its Kfir fighter, including the conclusion of an upgrade programme for Colombia, plans to upgrade and return to service aircraft for Sri Lanka, and ongoing efforts to sell additional aircraft to a US 'Red Air' contractor.

Speaking to Jane's on 12 December, a senior IAI official said that the last of 22 upgraded Block 60 Kfirs was being returned to the Colombian Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Colombiana: FAC) on the same day, while the company is in talks with the Sri Lankan government to upgrade and return to service its five grounded Kfir fighters. Further to these two efforts, IAI is also continuing discussions with Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC) about adding to its Kfir fleet with aircraft previously earmarked for Argentina.

With regard to the Colombian upgrade, the president and general manager of IAI's LAHAV Division, Benjamin Cohen, explained, "Colombia is receiving today the last of 22 Block 60 Kfirs that have been upgraded with new 4.5 Generation avionics. This gives the aircraft a very high capability that is comparable to the F-16 Block 52. This work was done in Colombia, and we have also delivered two new upgraded".

FAC Kfir aircraft participated in the US Air Force's 'Red Flag' exercise in 2012, since when they have received the upgrades. "The newly modernised aircraft are now ready for the next 'Red Flag' to be held between February and March," Cohen said, adding, "Previously they have shown a very good performance, and I hope that this time they will do even better." While the FAC said in 2013 that it was looking for a replacement for the Kfir, Cohen feels that this plan is no longer being pursued. "As I understand it they will now continue with them, or why else upgrade them?



A fighter without a gun . . . is like an airplane without a wing.

-- Brigadier General Robin Olds, USAF.


Kan nog interessant worden, zo'n toestellen voor de Argentijnen.

Then again, hun Super Etendards lijken het einde te naderen en de Kfirs lijken geen long range air-to-ground capaciteit te hebben.
De Britten zouden de Fransen hebben laten verstaan dat 'assistentie' voor het ondersteunen en eventueel upgraden tot SEM-niveau (Super Etendard Modernisé) niet acceptabel is.
De Fransen zouden sedert het uit dienst stellen van hun SEM geen verkoop van nog vliegwaardige SEMs of onderdelen ervan aan de Argentijnen gedaan hebben, hoewel de vraag er blijkbaar wel was.


Argentinian Kfir negotiations set to resume

04 January, 2017 | SOURCE: Flightglobal.com | BY: Arie Egozi | Tel Aviv

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has so far exported 40 Kfir Block 60 upgraded fighter aircraft, and plans to assemble and upgrade another 12-14 for Argentina.

Sources say negotiations about the proposed sale to Argentina are about to resume, following two previous rounds of talks that did not result in a contract.

Sources in Latin America say the price of the proposed deal is the main stumbling block, but "not the only one".

The Kfir Block 60 is the latest version of the fighter, which includes J-79 engines. It also takes the aircraft back to zero flight hours after a total overhaul, and will cover the next 1,600 flight hours before another overhaul is required.

The upgraded fighter carries an Elta 2032 active electronically scanned array radar, and will have an open architecture that will allow the customer to install other systems.

According to Elta, the radar provides an all-aspect, look-down, shoot-down performance, operating simultaneous multi-mode air-to-air and advanced strike missions.

Kfir jets are in service with the air forces of Colombia, Ecuador and Sri Lanka.

The Colombian air force has upgraded its Kfirs to the existing level, dubbed C-10/12, which includes an Elta EL/M-2032 radar, a Rafael Litening targeting pod, a head-up display colour cockpit, and an aerial refuelling system.

A fighter without a gun . . . is like an airplane without a wing.

-- Brigadier General Robin Olds, USAF.

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Israël  heeft voor export en upgraden van vliegtuigem die in Israël gebouwd zijn met avionics die van eigen bodem is geen toestemming van de VS nodig en de   General Electric J79 motort wordt niet meer geproduceerd maar die werd  in Israël  in een licentie door  Beit Shemesh Engines Ltd  geproduceerd  en deze zullen voldoende onderdelen daarvan op voorraad hebben.

Nu denk ik dat je de VS militaire "hulp' aan Israël onderschat.

Bij licentieproducten weet ik niet hoeverre men daar invloed op heeft.