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Dutch Submarine Docked in Dublin Is Due to 'Repairs'


jurrien visser (JuVi op Twitter):
Dutch Submarine Docked in Dublin Is Due to 'Repairs'

25th April 2016

#SubRepairs - It transpires the Dutch submarine HNMLS Walrus which made a call to Dublin yesterday is in port due to repairs according to the Dutch Embassy, writes Jehan Ashmore.

The 2,650 displacement tonnes (when submerged) 'Walrus' class are regarded as one of the most advanced non nuclear attack submarines.

HNLMS Walrus arrived in Dublin Bay having rounded Howth Peninula. When off the Baily Lighthouse, the submarine initially headed to Scotmans Bay off Dun Laoghaire Harbour before entering the port.

Maintenance on the almost 68m long submarine dating from 1992 is scheduled to be completed so to enable a departure on Wednesday.

HNLMS Walrus which has a 6.6m / 22ft draft is berthed on the west side of Ocean Pier within Alexandra Basin.

This stretch of quayside water is also deep enough to accommodate the largest cruiseliners that can currently dock in the port.

Notably the largest ever ship to call was cruiseship MSC Splendida which made a maiden call last year. The giant cruisehip towers 18 decks and below the waterline the hull has a draft of 8.29m /27.2 ft.


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