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Aanslagen in Duitsland
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What we know so far

Claire Phipps
Police have confirmed that they are treating an incident at Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz on Monday night as a “presumed terrorist attack”, saying they are working on the assumption that a truck was “intentionally” driven into a Christmas market.
Twelve people are confirmed to have died after a truck ploughed into crowds at around 8.15pm (7.15pm GMT) on Monday evening.
A further 48 people have been taken to hospital with injuries, some of them serious. Eyewitnesses said the truck drove into the market at speed, crushing visitors.
A suspect was arrested 2km from the scene and is being interrogated. No details of his identity have been released. Police said they would hold a press conference at 1pm Tuesday (noon GMT).
Early on Tuesday morning, police reportedly raided a a hangar at the disused Tempelhof airport in southern Berlin, part of which is currently housing refugees.
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