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Russian MP boasts TERRIFYING new defence system can ‘SHUT DOWN WHOLE PLANET'

A RUSSIAN MP has boasted the country’s terrifying defence system proposal could “shut down the whole planet” and destroy “every military jet”.

By Joey Millar /  Mon, Oct 15, 2018   

World War 3 fears are growing after the particularly sabre-rattling comments by nationalist lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Mr Zhirinovsky said Russia now possessed, or was preparing, S-600 and S-700 missile defence systems, something he said had set alarm bells ringing in Washington.

He said: "The Americans are scared in general, they are scared that the world's best air defence system is Russia's S-300.

“And we have S-400, S-500, S-600, and S-700. We can shut down the whole planet, and no plane will take off.”

His comments on a Russian talkshow sparked applause from a studio audience, while the host laughed and warned against giving away state secrets on air.

Mr Zhirinovsky said America was already on edge after Russia had supplied Syria with S-300 defence systems.

He said: "S-300 has interested them. They had paid no attention whatsoever to some S-300. But now they're scared, because Israel, the United States' close ally, is scared — S-300s are nearby.

“Every jet, not just Israeli, every military jet may be destroyed."