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155mm VULCANO SAL Guided Ammunition scores hit at 33 km range

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On July 12, 2013, at Alkanptan firing range in South Africa, a week of extensive test firings was completed demonstrating the precision and terminal accuracy of the VULCANO Guided Ammunition with a direct hit against a target at a range of 33 km. The ammunition was fired by a Self-Propelled Howitzer PzH 2000.

The VULCANO Guided Ammunition family consists of 127 mm and 155 mm ammunition with dual mode capability of GPS/IR or GPS/SAL (Semi-Active Laser) Terminal Homing.
The demonstration firings were performed under the German-Italian Program Agreement on 155 mm Guided Ammunition. The Italian MoD is main sponsor of the VULCANO program. The German MoD´s program contribution includes the SAL Terminal Homing System, fire command and ammunition programming issues as well as test and firing equipment such as the PzH2000.

Diehl Defence, together with Oto Melara, participates in the VULCANO program development under a Cooperation Agreement on Conventional and Guided Ammunition.

For the demonstration firings, a 2x2 m target was located at a range of about 33 km.

Ammo fired with only GPS terminal guidance hit the ground well below 20 m distance from the target.

Ammo with GPS and SAL terminal guidance directly hit the 2x2 m plate demonstrating the absolute accuracy of the SAL and guidance systems.

The chief of the Italian MoD delegation declared: “The amount of recorded data as well as the accuracy demonstrated by the ammunition with GPS guidance and SAL sensor for the terminal homing phase contributed to a very successful campaign.” This assessment was confirmed by German and Dutch government representatives present at the trials.

The VULCANO development and industrialization program is continuing with the objective of being prepared for production within 2014.


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