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Dutch Ministry of Defence development contract
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Dutch Ministry of Defence development contract

HyReF Power BV signs development contract with the Dutch Ministry of Defence
Defence confirms interest in silent diesel powered fuel cell

The contract
On Monday the 4th of March the Dutch Ministry of Defence and HyReF Power BV signed the CODEMO contract. CODEMO (Committee of the Defence Equipment Development) is an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Defence to support small and medium enterprises with the development and financing of innovative products for the defence industry. With the establishment of CODEMO in 2010, the Ministry of Defence set up a fund that can help companies with promising products become a success.
With the signing of this co-financing development contract the Dutch Ministry of Defence confirms its interest as the launching customer in the Silent Power solutions from HyReF Power BV. The Dutch Ministry of Defence is particularly interested in the savings that this technology will realise in the future and therefore has included a purchase option of 175 production systems in the contract.
The technology
After ten years of development it is finally possible to generate electricity directly from commercial fuels such as Euro Diesel. The solution is based on reformer fuel cell technology. The Silent Power solutions already produce 3 kWh with one of the world’s leading compact system designs.
Fuel cell technology is one of the most promising new technologies that can create electricity effectively. However, a problem lies in the supply of the fuel for the fuel cell: hydrogen. Hydrogen as an energy carrier is not freely available and is often generated from fossil fuels, for which there is no refuelling infrastructure. The HyReF Power generator overcomes this problem by creating electricity directly from commercially available fuels.
Benefits for Defence applications
-       Reduces fuel consumption and emissions substantially
-       Produces electricity directly from normal Euro Diesel
-       Silent and generates no vibration to increase safety
-       Improved durability that results in lower cost ownership
As part of this development contract HyReF Power BV will confirm these benefits from the first Defence prototypes that are already currently in production.