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Titel: NL-MARSOF, nieuwe geweren en munitie op basis 7,62x35 mm
Bericht door: Harald op 03/07/2015 | 09:55 uur
Dutch special forces to buy carbines chambered in 300 BLK

The Netherlands Maritime Special Operations Force (NL-MARSOF) are planning to purchase a new carbine chambered in the non-NATO standard 7.62x35 mm (300 BLK), with a formal tender being launched by the Netherlands' Defence Material Organisation.

The tender is the first publicly known tender for the purchase of a 7.62x35 mm chambered rifle by any military.

In total, the Dutch naval commandos are looking to buy 195 select-fire carbines and 1.82 million 7.62x35 mm cartridges (1,345,000 ball, 244,000 subsonic, and 231,000 lead free frangible). Suppliers can apply to supply any combination of the small arms and rounds until 27 July.

NL-MARSOF is the Netherlands Marine Corps' elite unit, modelled after the British Special Boat Service (SBS), and divided into three squadrons: M Sqd (counter terrorism); C Sqd (sea operations); and T Sqd (training).