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Titel: Noble Justification 2014
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Exercise ‘Noble Justification-14’ continues to be enormously successful with around 1700 soldiers from 15 countries taking part in combat readiness duties for NATO Response Force 2015 (NRF 2015).
Following the Summit in Wales, NATO continues to face any challenge; reinforcing its operational readiness plans and training, responsiveness, and the operation of advanced equipment and systems for the changing security environment. Ex ‘Noble Justification-14’ has underlined the importance placed in the NRF and reflected the abilities of the Special Operations Component Command (SOCC) and Special Operation Task Groups (SOTG’s).
As part of several tactical phases, elements of the Dutch Special Forces component are seen here conducting helicopter deployment drills following rapid insertion into exercise target areas. Drills such as building clearance and extraction were carried out and were supported by further actions that exercised interoperability procedures and communications.
Story by: SHAPE Public Affairs Office.

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