Atlantis develops long-range 40 mm grenade

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Atlantis develops long-range 40 mm grenade
Helmoed-Römer Heitman, Pretoria - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly

26 April 2015

The Atlantis Corporation in South Africa has developed an innovative long-range 40x46 mm grenade that is compatible with standard low-velocity grenade launchers.

Atlantis previously developed a medium-velocity grenade propulsion system that it sold to German interests, and has since been working on a longer-range round for the under-barrel launchers fitted to many types of assault rifle.

The primary challenge was to keep chamber/barrel pressures to a minimum as most of these launchers have lightweight aluminium barrels.

The Atlantis engineers proceeded to completely re-envisage the propulsion system and have arrived at a round that, using their own 185 g warhead, has a muzzle velocity of 118 m/sec for an effective range of 700 m from an under-barrel grenade launcher, with harassing fire capability out to some 800 m.
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