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Ground Units
Tanks and other armored units
NOTE: T-80 production has ceased. You have to get Ukrainian T-84s if you want them now.

* T-90A 'Vladimir' MBT: $4.15 million (based on Russian MOD)
* T-90M MBT: $3.5 million - (based on Indian purchase)
* T-90S MBT: $3.9 million - (based on Cyprus purchase)
* BMPT Tank Support Fighting Vehicle: $3 million - (educated guess based on the cost of a T-90)
* BMP-3M IFV: ~$3.5-4 million - (based on how dumbed down Greek vehicles were, and South Korean press release)
* BMP-3 IFV: $3.2 million for basic unit (based on Greek purchase)
* BMD-4 ACV: ~$4 million
* BMD-3 ACV: $3.5 million
* 2S25 Sprut-D: $4.5 million - (guess based on the cost of the BMD-3)
* BTR-90M IFV: ~$2 million (more guessing)
* BTR-90 IFV: ~$1.5 million (educated guess based on a statement that it costs half as much as the Stryker)
* BTR-82A IFV: ~$1.4 million - (See below)
* BTR-80A IFV: ~$1.2 million (guess based on relation to BTR-90)
* BRDM-3 Recce: ~$1.2 million (guess based on it being a BTR-80A variant)
* BTR-T APC: $700,000 on Russian-supplied T-55 (based on costs for similar vehicles)

Fighters (multirole, air superiority, strike)

* Su-35: $75+ million - (most legitimate claims were $65 million, but the Su-30s real price makes it clear the Su-35 should be significantly higher than that)
* Su-30MK series: $60-70 million - (contract prices vary widely, from $50 million to Malaysia to over $80 million per unit for the Algerian trade-in)
* Su-33: ~$60-70 million - (based on relative prices of other Russian aircraft)
* Su-32: ~$60-65 million - (based on relative prices of other Russian aircraft)
* MiG-35: $55-60 million (assuming this is just referring to flyaway)
* MiG-29K: ~$50-55 million (Indian acquisition was $46+ in 2004, should be slightly more expensive than MiG-29M, which has most of the improved features but is not reinforced for carrier operations)
* MiG-29M: ~$50+ million ($5-10 mil more than SMT)
* MiG-29SMT: $45+ million (various contracts at between $40 and $45 million, some as low as $37. But, cheaper ones, as shown in the last link, arent quite new-build)

Helicopters and ground attack aircraft

* Ka-52: ~$40-50 million (based on below)
* Ka-50N: ~$35-45 million (based on Mi-28 cost)
* Mi-28: ~$35-40 million (based on sale of used units to Turkey)
* Mi-35: $16+ million (based on sale to Venezuela)
* Ka-60/64: $12 million (based on sale to India)
* Mi-17/Mi-8: $9 million (based on sale to Venezuela)
* Ka-27: $12 million - (based on the costs of the similar in size Mi-17)
* Mi-26M: $18 million - (guess based on military-today, adjusted upwards 50%)
* Su-25TM/Su-39: $40 million - (rough estimate)

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