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De EC Tiger
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Afghanistan: Withdrawal of Tiger Helicopters

On February 3, 2013, two Tiger helicopters of the DETHELICO helicopter detachment were withdrawn from the Afghan theater to return to France. Their final flight, on 21 January 2013, marked the end of four years of presence of the Tiger attack helicopter in Afghanistan, as the type made its first appearance in-theater in July 2009.

During these years of deployment, the Tiger module, comprising an average of 3 flight crews and a dedicated maintenance team, never ceased to carry out operational missions. After being packaged for immediate re-assembly on arrival in France, the final aircraft left the Afghan theater on February 3, aboard an Antonov 124 freighter.

In Afghanistan, French Tiger crews logged 4,215 flight hours carrying out fire support, escort or heliborne operations. This represents approximately 2,600 missions, by day and night, which contributed to the safety of operations conducted by the French troops deployed in Afghanistan, and helped neutralize insurgent groups. During these missions, more than 19,000 of 30mm cannon rounds, and 420 68mm rockets, were fired, either in direct support of troops or for the destruction of targeted objectives such as suicide vehicles waiting to be used.

Over the years, the pace of missions has accelerated, under particularly demanding and often difficult weather conditions. Crews have operated in mountainous theatre, with negative temperatures in winter and very high temperatures in summer. Operations in Afghan territory have provided solid feedback for this unsurpassed weapon.

The helicopter detachment force is stationed at KAIA Pamir. It is now reinforced by two battlefield support helicopters, a Caracal and a Cougar.
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