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Internationale ontwikkelingen Special Forces
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French Air Force Establishes Separate Special Forces Brigade

Creation of the Special Air Forces Brigade

On September 1, the French Air and Space Force began transforming its organization with the establishment of the Special Air Forces Brigade (Brigade des Forces Spéciales Air, BFSA). This reorganization is part of the ramp-up of the Special Forces Air (FSA) and the Air Protection Force (FPA) as directed by the AIRFUSCO25 plan.

 Comprising 4,200 personnel, the BFSA brings together under its command the two flight units - the 3/61 “Poitou” Transport Squadron (ET) and the 1/67 “Pyrenees” Helicopter Squadron, together with the Commando units which were previously part of the Air Security and Intervention Forces Brigade (BAFSI), including two special forces units: Commandos Parachutistes de l’Air (CPA) 10 and 30.

 The role of this new brigade is to optimize the combat readiness of the Special Forces Air and of the air force units contributing to special operations, as well as air protection units, with the aim of increasing their effectiveness in both special and conventional operations.

 Special operations, in-depth penetration, combat Search And Rescue, air support, but also anti-drone warfare and protection of air bases: the brigade will make its resources and know-how available to the various operational commands, including Special Operations Command (COS).

 A driving force in the field of Air Surface Integration, the BFSA will continue to work with the other components of the Air and Space Force, by coordinating its action with all the conventional units working for the benefit of special operations, while maintaining a key role in combatant training.

 In summary, the BFSA brings together:
 ** FSA air units:
 -- ET 3/61 "Poitou";
 -- EH 1/67 "Pyrenees".

 ** the Air Commando Force (FCA), set up as a squadron stationed in Orléans and composed of:
 -- CPA No. 10;
 -- CPA No. 30;
 -- Air Force Jump Center (Centre air de saut en vol, CASV);
 -- a detachment of the Air Force Combatant Operational Readiness Center (CPOCAA).

 ** the FPA, made up of:
 -- CPA No. 20;
 -- Protection Squadrons (EP).
 -- specialized training centers:
 -- the CPOCAA;
 -- the Survival and Rescue Training Center (CFSS);
 -- the CFA detachment, part of the general directorate of military training at the Ecole de l'Air.

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