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Battlecruiser 2000 ... Arsenal ship wordt de toekomst ?
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Battlecruiser 2000 => Arsenal ship … wordt dit de toekomst ?  … moeten schepen meer VLS systemen krijgen ?

Arsenal ship
An arsenal ship was a concept for a floating missile platform intended to have as many as five hundred vertical launch bays for mid-sized missiles, most likely cruise missiles.

Battlecruiser 2000   ( in 1988 hadden ze hier al ideeën over en zijn eigenlijk niet veranderd )

MADEX 2021: South Korea’s Arsenal Ship Keeping A Low Profile

Not much is yet known about South Korea’s arsenal ship program. During MADEX 2021, the naval defense show which kicked off today in Busan, South Korea, Naval News could not find any official depictions of the ship in the Republic of Korean Navy (ROKN) booth which is almost fully dedicated to the CVX light aircraft carrier project...

According to the ROKN, the ship is currently in the long term conception phase . This means that the design has not been finalized and may change depending on operational requirements in the future.

The limited information available suggests that the ship will have a light displacement of 5,000 tons and carry up to 80 missiles. It will primarily be used for surface strike, but will also carry anti-ship missiles as well as basic air defence systems. It is likely the surface strike element will consist of a mix of the Hyunmoo (현무)-2  ballistic missiles and the Hyunmoo-3 cruise missiles. A total of two to three ships will be built and commissioned in the late 2020s according to a News1 story published last year.

The utility of the arsenal ship for the Republic of Korea Navy has been hotly debated. The debate ultimately comes down to whether or not one views North Korea as the most pressing military threat. Those who do, argue that the South Korean arsenal ship will be an invaluable strategic asset. According to them, the threat posed by a North Korean first strike on land-based missile bases makes it necessary for South Korea to develop a second strike capability. These bases are easier to target with ballistic missiles, artillery, and even special forces operations. Ship based assets, on the other hand, are significantly more secure against a North Korean attack. This is because North Korea has virtually no long range anti-ship missiles that can be fired from shore.

Modern battleships: Arsenal ships and next-gen surface long-range maritime strike

While aircraft carriers will continue to serve a pivotal role in the era of increasingly advanced, long-range integrated anti-access/area denial (A2/AD), heavily armed arsenal ships have been floated as complementary platforms that can enhance the lethality of contemporary navies – supporting destroyers, cruisers, frigates and aircraft carriers and amphibious power projection operations.


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