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S. Korean Marine Corps wants a "LPX (large platform experimental)-type ship"
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The Marine Corps is considering introducing a large transport ship capable of carrying warplanes, and mobilizing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to enhance its amphibious operations and surveillance capabilities, its chief said Wednesday.

During his keynote speech at a security seminar, Lt. Gen. Jun Jin-goo also expressed his desire to capitalize on robotics and other cutting-edge technologies to enhance the marines' maritime power projection capabilities.

"We are considering building the LPX (large platform experimental)-type ship capable of carrying aircraft in close cooperation with the Navy," Jun said.

He did not specify what aircraft will be carried by the envisioned ship. But observers say that the commander might have in mind the F-35B, a short takeoff and vertical landing variant of the U.S.-made radar-evading fighter.

The Marine Corps appears to want to secure its own LPX ship apart from the 14,000-ton Dokdo amphibious landing ship and the Marado warship, which are currently in operation and under construction, respectively.

During his speech, Jun also said that the Marine Corps is pushing for a mid- or long-term project to expand its currently brigade-level capability for amphibious landing capabilities to division level by introducing more warships and aircraft.

To enhance the marines' reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities and develop a new technology-based combat platform, the armed service is also considering introducing UAVs capable of take-off and landing and employing drone bots, or robotic drones.

It's almost weird.

The F-35 was suppose to form the backbone of the USAF and other Western air forces for a couple of generations.

Critics said that the "B" model ruined the entire undertaking and now we see the strong possibility that the "B" model will be the most successful of the bunch.

There is serious doubt about whether an F-35 is an adequate replacement for the F-16/A-10.  There is serious debate about whether an F-35 can even hold its own against the latest model Typhoon, Rafale, SU-30 series etc...

But there is no doubt that it is superior to the Harrier.

The Marine Corps won big.

An entire program...a multirole/multiservice/multinational program was developed and the only real, quantifiable winners of the thing are the people that wanted a Harrier replacement.

Amazing.  I can cheer the win from the Marine side but still jeer the damage done across the board to budget everywhere.

But back on task.

Name one Marine Corps that so closely mirrors the capability of the USMC.  If the S. Korean Marines aren't at or near the top of the list then you're not paying attention.

If we can keep S. Korea in our camp (and not let them lured by the Chinese into a "false" peace) and if we can somehow end the racial hatred that they have with the Japanese then we have a real chance to keep the Chinese bottled up and contained.

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