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Internationale Helicopter ontwikkelingen
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Sikorsky to offer Black Hawk for Huey replacement contest

WASHINGTON — No surprise here: Sikorsky will propose a derivative of its ubiquitous Black Hawk utility helicopter for the Air Force’s Huey replacement program, according to an announcement Tuesday.

 The company, now a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, will offer the HH-60U, which incorporates modifications such as a rescue hoist and electro-optical sensor. The Air Force already owns three U-model Black Hawks, which have been flown by pilots and special operators since 2011, the company said in a news release.

 The Black Hawk is widely considered the favorite to replace the Air Force’s UH-1N Huey fleet. The service initially tried to sole-source UH-60s for that purpose, but reversed course last year and decided to pursue a competition instead.   

According to Sikorsky, the HH-60U has the capacity to transport nine fully equipped security force personnel, their equipment, and two special mission aviators — meeting the service’s troop carrying requirement.


Black Hawks are pervasive in the U.S. military, which could provide an advantage to Sikorsky in a lowest-price, technically-acceptable competition. The HH-60U shares 85 percent commonality with the Air Force’s incoming HH-60W combat rescue helicopter. Both models will go into production during roughly the same timeframe, which could allow the company to wring out savings. 


The Air Force plans to buy 84 UH-1N replacement helicopters for ICBM security support, continuity of government, airlift and other missions. It still intends to award a contract in fiscal year 2018, with deliveries occurring as early as fiscal 2020.

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