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Titel: ASW 2800
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In 2018 Couach unveiled a new model of fast patrol boat optimised for, among other duties, ASW missions against alien submarines operating in coastal waters and their automated vehicles. The ASW 2800 is also ideal for general surveillance missions, particularly of maritime approaches to commercial harbours and naval bases as well as offshore facilities.

This 28m vessel is equipped with lightweight torpedoes and a dipping sonar similar to those deployed by ASW helicopters. It thus has the resources to detect and attack underwater intruders and the speed to move quickly from one sonar station to another.

Given its lower purchase and maintenance costs, the ASW 2800 is, Couach claims, a cost-effective alternative to ASW helicopters. With an endurance of five days, it can spend plenty of time on station. The above-water sensor suite and machine gun also make it effective as a conventional patrol boat.

Designer: Couach

- Dimensions (m): 28 x 6.7

- Speed: 40 kts

- Range: 1000 nm at 20 kts

- Accommodation: 12

- Weapons: 1 x 30 mm, 2x torpedoes