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Titel: Nieuwe ontwikkelingen op Standard Missile-6 (SM-6) gebied.
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USN demonstrates SM-6 ASuW capability giving the fleet a new offensive weapon

The SM-6 can now be used for ballistic missile defence, AAW, and ASuW
The ASuW capability was achieved using new software without hardware changes
A Raytheon Standard Missile (SM)-6 has, for the first time, been used to engage a surface target, the US Navy (USN) disclosed on 7 March.

Flight Test Round 31 (FTR-31) demonstrated a new anti-surface warfare (ASuW) over-the-horizon (OTH) capability for SM-6 and its ability to counter the growing anti-access/area denial threat.

FTR-31's primary objective was to show that an advanced build of the MK 7 Aegis Weapon System (AWS) and the SM-6 Block I could achieve an ASuW OTH capability, Dale Eng, USN Naval Sea Systems Command spokesperson, told IHS Jane's on 9 March.