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Titel: JOBSS selected for RNLA
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JOBSS selected for RNLA
Giles Ebbutt - IHS Jane's International Defence Review 29 August 2017


Israel’s Bagira Systems has been awarded a contract by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence to supply a solution based on the company’s Joint-fire BattleSpace Simulator (JOBSS) as the Joint Fires Training and Exercise System (JFTES) for the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA).

JOBSS is already in use in Israel and Peru and was recently selected by Thailand.

The system supports training in all aspects of the planning and execution of joint fires. It simulates artillery, rocket, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and other air platforms, and communications infrastructure. It is based on Bagira's Digital Dust core technology software and provides training for forward observers and command posts up to and including brigade fire support centres with simulated military equipment for observers, simulated communications networks, and a synthetic environment using Bagira Systems’ CGF-X scenario generator.

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