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Titel: OV-10 Bronco's back in business ? Voorkeur voor props tov jet in COIN/CAS/IW
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USAF studies OV-10 for CAS, IW roles in theater

Key Points
•The Pentagon deployed the OV-10 in Southwest Asia for an extended user evaluation
•The test was designed to gauge whether light turbo-prop aircraft can efficiently increase airpower effectiveness in a COIN or IW environment

The Pentagon deployed Boeing (Rockwell) OV-10 counterinsurgency aircraft to Southwest Asia in early 2015 as part of an evaluation to determine if turboprop aircraft can improve co-ordination between aircrews and ground commanders, a spokesman for US Central Command (CENTCOM) said on 11 March.

"The OV-10 deployed to a location in Southwest Asia in support of Operation 'Inherent Resolve' as part of an extended user evaluation (EUE)," US Air Force (USAF) Captain Bryant Davis told IHS Jane's .