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SNMG2 units participate in exercise Noble Mariner 12
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Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 commanded by Rear Admiral (LH) Thorsten Kaehler is currently participating in NOBLE MARINER 12, a NATO led Maritime NATO Response Force exercise. Noble Mariner was developed to train forces in the Mediterranean Sea in a crisis scenario involving a multi-threat environment. The main aim is to evaluate the command, control and communication structure which is a strength of the allied military forces. Exercise Noble Mariner is a good opportunity to train these capabilities with a variety of 25 units from 9 different countries who provide frigates, submarines, minesweepers, fast patrol boats and numerous aircraft of different types. Allied Maritime Command Northwood will oversee preparation as well as conduct of the exercise. Another aim is to certify French Maritime Force Command (FRMARFOR) to assume command of the maritime component of the NATO Response force for the year 2013 after the successful completion of this exercise. Vice Admiral Philippe Coindreau, Commander FRMARFOR is in command of the whole task force.

Admiral Kaehler assumed command of the main task group of the force consisting of the three SNMG 2 frigates with FGS BAYERN as his flag ship, ITS MAESTRALE and TCG GEDIZ as well as five other frigates. The units and the staff are submitted to challenges from all warfare areas and use this opportunity to improve their war-fighting skills. For the units, it is an interesting as well as challenging time with a professional effort for staff and crews.

The SNMG2 ships composition is currently:

FGS Bayern Frigate Germany (Flagship)

ITS Maestrale Frigate Italy

TCG Gediz Frigate Turkey

NRP Arpćo Submarine Portugal

SNMG 2 is a multinational integrated maritime force that forms part of the NATO Response Force and operates under the command of the Allied Maritime Command in Naples. Permanently activated and held at high readiness, it is a mobile and flexible force that allows the Alliance to respond to today's security challenges.

02 October 2012

FGS Bayern langszij FS Marne.
Op het helidek staat de NATO Tracsvan (EW)