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Brazilian army will acquire 36 Gepard German-made anti-aircraft vehicles
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According to an ordinance from the November 29, 2012, the Brazilian army took the decision to acquire 36 anti-aicraft armoured vehicle Gepard based on the chassis of German-made main battle tank Leopard 1. The offer was made by the German Company KMW designer and manufacturer of the Gepard.

In mid-2011, KMW has send a proposal for the delivery of 36 revised and modernized Gepard, including parts, technical support, training, and technology transfer. In October 2011, one Gepard was tested by the Brazilian army.

The Gepard vehicles that Brazilian army will acquire are in excellent condition and offer the advantage to use the same chassis and engine components as the main battle tank Leopard 1A5 which is in service with the Brazilian army. The Brazilian Army currently uses 239 Leopard 1 tanks, which will facilitate maintenance and will reduce operating costs.

The Gepard is equipped with a two-man electric power operated turret armed with twin Oerlikon KDA 35mm guns. The guns have automatic belt feed. Barrel length is 90 calibers (3,150mm).

The Gepard is equipped with a digital fire control computer supplied by EADS (DASA). The miniaturised digital computer uses 32bit Motorola 68020 microprocessors, single board computers with dedicated arithmetic coprocessors and a command, control and communications (C3) interface. All data handled by the fire control system is related to the fixed vehicle coordinate system.

The modernisation scheme for the Gepard included: integration of C3 capabilities; improvement in target engagement with extended combat range, shorter reaction time and better hit and kill probability; and improved self protection. The main thrust of the improvement programme was the installation of new fire control systems, command and control management, muzzle velocity measurement device and the certification for new frangible armour-piercing discarding-sabot ammunition (FAPDS) rounds.
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