Korea's ontwikkeling PRTL Next Gen, genaamd BIHO

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Korea's ontwikkeling PRTL Next Gen, genaamd BIHO

30mm Complex Anti-Aircraft Weapon On the Level of Development Completion

(Source: Korean Ministry of National Defense; issued Jan 08, 2014)
A 30mm complex anti-aircraft weapon has been developed, on which a ground-to-air guided missile is installed in addition to a self-reliance anti-aircraft gun, BIHO.

On December 27, DAPA said that it had completed development of the 30mm complex anti-aircraft weapon that improves engagement capability with an enemy aircraft by installing a ground-to-air guided missile to the existing self-reliance antiaircraft gun, BIHO, and mass production would be started next year to increase our military strength in 2015.

It has taken about three and half years to complete the 30mm complex anti-aircraft weapon since its development started in 2010, led by Doosan DST, a company under the project management of DAPA, and involved many leading companies in the defense industry of Korea such as Samsung Thales and LIG NEX1.

Thanks to the increase of arms by installing guided missile to the anti-aircraft systems, the existing self-reliance anti-aircraft gun, BIHO, developed in 1980s, can be updated for its performance, and our military can efficiently confront various air threats of enemy attacks at low altitude with long-distance engagement capability.

A military official expected greatly improved low-altitude anti-aircraft defense of a mechanized unit, saying that once it was deployed in the field, we could obtain much better engagement capability and conduct operations connected with a fire command and control system.

It is also confirmed that the 30mm complex anti-aircraft weapon hit the target 100% at the guided missile firing test, conducted with various target conditions during the one-year operation test and evaluation. Moreover, it has been verified that this weapon meets operational conditions of the military according to a variety of operational condition tests such as hot and cold weather.