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Huntington Ingalls Industries showcases its Ballistic Missile Defense ship based on LPD 17 class

At the Sea-Air-Space 2014 Exposition, Huntington Ingalls Industries has on display its Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) concept ship. Based on the "Flight II" variant of the San Antonio LPD class, the BMD ship is Ingalls Industries vision of a surface platform dedicated to BMD missions. A single BMD ship could replace and accomplish ballistic missile defense missions of several Burke class destroyers allowing them to conduct their "traditional" missions.

Speaking to Navy Recognition during Sea-Air-Space 2014, Mike Duthu (Director of LPD Program at Ingals Shipbuilding) explained the growth potential for a BMD configured LPD 17 ship is an impressive 5,000 tons. The BMD ship may be fitted with 288 Mk 41 or 144 Mk 57 vertical launch systems. Its powerful X-band radar may be fixed or rotating and consist in 4 antennas measuring 25 feet up to 35 feet in diameter.

The well deck is replaced with a helicopter hangar large enough to accommodate two V-22 tilt rotor aircraft. A large elevator is fitted at the stern.

The BMD ship would be capable of staying out at sea for over 100 days. Commonality with LPD 17 program reduces both risk and cost. The design margins provide flexibility for BMD missions and capacity for powerful radars, mission magazines and command and control systems.

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