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Atlas Elektronik SeaHakeŽ mod4 torpedo
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During DEFEXPO 2014, German company Atlas Elektronik was showcasing its new heavy torpedo: The SeaHake mod4. We took the opportunity to ask a few questions to the torpedo export from the company in order to learn more about this new torpedo with unprecedented range.

A torpedo expert from Atlas Elektronik gave us some detailed explanation on the new torpedo during Defexpo 2014

SeaHakeŽ mod 4 is the latest advancement of the DM 2 A4 heavyweight torpedo, which is in service with the German Navy as well as the navies of Turkey, Pakistan and Spain. By fully exploiting the system’s unique propulsion and battery technology, it became possible to surpass the maximum ranges usual for modern heavyweight torpedoes in the global market by considerably more than 50%.

The new version of the SeaHakeŽ mod4 is also fitted with innovative navigation and communications technology, enabling extremely precise navigation and control of the torpedo over the entire distance. The SeaHakeŽ mod4 ER can be deployed from seagoing platforms as well as from special land-based platforms.

During a test-firing in March 2012, the heavyweight torpedo SeaHakeŽ mod4 ER (Extended Range) achieved a range of over 140 kilometres.