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PAK-TA reŽel of Russisch hersenspinsel?
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Is Russia building a new supersonic aircraft? 
March 21, 2015

ACCORDING to a Kremlin propaganda media outlet, Russia plans to be able to deploy its army anywhere in the world within seven hours. Itís a future that involves a fleet of huge heavy transport aircraft that will be capable of moving around 400 Armata tanks, with ammunition anywhere in the world. 
According to the Military-Industrial Commission in Moscow, a new aircraft, named the PAK TA, will be capable of flying supersonic speeds (up to 1235km/h), can carry up to 200 tonnes and have a range of at least 7,000 kilometres. Or roughly the distance between Sydney and Hong Kong.

Russia is supposedly hopeful to build 80 of the new PAK TA cargo aircraft by 2024.

However, pulling such a heavy weight at such at supersonic speeds has made many people sceptical. Not only that, the weight and size would require extremely large purpose built runways as well as consume a ridiculous amount of fuel, which would again limit where the aircraft could take off from. Not to mention its wingspan, making it an easy target for enemy forces.

It does fall in line with Russiaís goals of modernising its ageing airfleet within the next 10 years. The country has dedicated over $US130 billon through to 2020 in modernising its large air force.

Even if such technology was possible, Russia has been having massive problems with its next generation fighter, the T50. The Indian air force is reporting that the joint India-Russian jet still suffers from major engine and stealth problems, despite being towards the end of its development.

400 tanks will allegedly fit in a fleet of the aircraft.

If the aircraft is more than just a propaganda ploy, this is what RT News claims.

Initially, it was said that the plans for the PAK TA involved building fairly sedate subsonic air freighter that could cruise at speeds of 900km/h and go a distance of 4,500-kilometres. One military source told Russian news site Experts Online, that the initial project has changed to now give Russia the ability to place a battle-ready armoured force anywhere in the world.

The PAK TA will be able to transport not only the Armata heavy missile tank, but bother military hardware, such as enhance self-propelled artillery weapons systems, tactical missiles carriers, multiple missile launch systems, anti-aircraft missile complexes and antitank missile vehicles.

They cargo holders will be multi-level and have the capability to airdrop hardware and soldiers on any terrain.

ďIt means for the first time we have the objective of creating an operational capability to airlift a full-fledged army to any desired place on the planet,Ē the source said to Experts Online.

The fleet is claimed to be able to deliver a task force the size of the former NATO and US force that was in Iraq in a matter of hours to any continent.


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