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GDEB Unveils New Ohio Replacement (SSBN-X) Detailed Model at Sea-Air-Space 2015 Exposition

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

General Dynamics Electric Boat (GDEB) at the Navy League’s 2015 Sea-Air-Space Exposition is showcasing for the first time a detailed Ohio Replacement scale model. The Ohio Replacement design maximizes commonality with the existing Ohio and Virginia classes to reduce risk and cost.

According to GDEB, the construction of 12 Ohio Replacement SSBNs starting in FY2021 supports recapitalization of the USA's sea-based strategic deterrent called for in the Defense Department's 2010 Nuclear Posture Review. Efforts to reduce the design, construction and life-cycle costs are a primary focus of the program. Development of the Common Missile Compartment, a joint development effort between the U.S. and U.K. for replacement SSBNs, is on track to support the construction schedules of boh countries.

According to the US Navy, the mission of the Ohio Replacement will be Sea Based Strategic Deterrence:
Replacing Ohio SSBN class, rehosting TRIDENT II D5 (LE) missile system, providing the most survivable leg of the Nation's strategic triad.

Key facts of Ohio Replacement as provided by NAVSEA during Sea Air Space 2015:
» The Ohio Replacement is the US Chief of Naval Operations number one acquisition priority.
» SSBNs are critical, stabilizing and efficient elements of US Nuclear deterrence and reassurance.
» The current Ohio class SSBN force is reaching the end of its operational life and must be replaced to meet the continuing mission requirements of USSTRATCOM.
» The Ohio Replacement will perform the same mission of today's Ohio class with two fewer ships at $40B in acquisition and life-cycle savings.
» The Ohio Replacement is being designed to have a longer service life, better availability and better survivability than their predecessors.
Main Characteristics:
 Number of submarines: 12
 Length: 560 feet
 Diameter: 43 feet
 Speed: 20+ knots
 Depth: >800 feet
 Service life: ~42 years
 Missile tubes: 16
 Weapon system: TRIDENT II D5 (LE) and Mark 48 torpedoes
 Propulsion: Electric drive
 Submerged Displacement: 20,810 long tons
 Crew: 155 mix gender (15 Officers, 20 Chiefs, Enlisted 120)
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