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Ireland to renovate maritime capability
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We hadden helemaal naks over de Ierse marine dus een nieuw topic! En met een goede reden: de aankondiging van 8 schepen, praktisch de totale vernieuwing van haar vloot.

Ierland = Babcock = BAe Systems. Dus verwacht geen zilvervloot voor Nederlands bedrijfsleven.
Interessant is de Ierse vernieuwing van haar MPA capaciteiten met een groter type.

Ireland to renovate maritime capability
Ireland is planning an overhaul of its maritime capability following the release of its Defence White Paper.

The white paper outlines plans for replacement of the nation’s maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) as well as upgrading its fleet of patrol vessels.

The paper, released on 26 August, expresses that the minimum requirement for the naval service is eight ships. Three offshore patrol vessels (OPV) are currently in the midst of a replacement programme, while another requirement would see a further three vessels replaced, including one helicopter patrol vessel (HPV) and two coastal patrol vessels (CPV).

Broken down this means that the current flagship and HPV, the LÉ Eithne, will be replaced by a multi-role vessel which although not suitable for helicopter embarkation will be enabled for rotorcraft operations.

Two of the existing CPVs, LÉ Ciara and LÉ Orla, will also be replaced with similar vessels with counter-mine and counter-IED capabilities.

The new ships will accompany the OPVs which are currently being delivered into service. The second of the three ships, the LÉ James Joyce, was commissioned on 1 September 2015.

In June 2014 the Irish Department of Defence (DoD) exercised the option under the original contract to place an order for a third OPV which is scheduled for delivery in the middle of 2016.

The value of the contract, including the third ship, is €199,358,000. The cost of the main armaments for the three ships is €13.1 million.

The White Paper stated that if further funds were available the priority would be to secure additional vessels.

While budgets for the replacements have not yet been set out, the DoD is going to be working on a detailed capability development plan which will be completed as part of the White Paper process, a DoD spokesperson told Shephard.

The capability plan will join with the work of identifying and agreeing funding requirements for equipment across the services, and will include new ships, aircraft and armoured patrol vehicles.

Two air corps Casa 535 MPAs are due for replacement by 2019 according to the report. The aim will be to replace these with bigger, more capable aircraft to provide maritime surveillance as well as utility for transport and cargo carrying applications.

Plans also include replacing the current five Cessnas with three larger aircraft equipped for ISTAR tasks.

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