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AgustaWestland AH-249
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Although it shares the same general aspect as its predecessor, the Italian army’s future AH-249 scout and escort helicopter is about 50% bigger, and will be powered by the same powerpack as the AW149 battlefield utility helicopter. (IT Army image)

The Italian army’s future scout and escort helicopter was unveiled during the Combat Helicopters 2017 conference in Krakow, Poland.

 Last year, the mysterious AgustaWestland AW249 was unveiled almost by accident last year by Leonardo's then-CEO, Mauro Moretti. Since then, months of silence, with no official or unofficial news.

 Well, the AW249 is no longer mysterious. It exists and will soon be real, as the new-generation military helicopter that, with the new designation AH-249A, will replace the Italian army’s AH-129D (AW129) Mangusta.

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