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An Argentine submarine disappeared and a rescue operation was deployed
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An Argentine submarine disappeared and a rescue operation was deployed

Wednesday morning was the last time that the ship ARA San Juan sent its position;  I would have suffered an energy problem on board

Thursday November 16, 2017

The submarine of the Argentine Navy ARA San Juan is searched in the area of ​​the San Jorge Gulf, in Chubut , where its last position was registered in the early hours of November 15.  At more than 48 hours, it is believed that the submarine, a TR-1700 with diesel-electric propulsion and capacity for 37 crew, could have had a problem in the power supply.

 Yesterday morning, the Navy ordered an operation to reestablish the link: as LA NACION could have known, two corvettes and an airplane participated, which flew over the estimated area where the vessel could be found.

"The last reliable and official information is that the submarine has not yet been found, it is not that it is lost, to be lost you have to look for it and not find it," said Enrique Balbi, head of the Institutional Communication Department of the Navy.

In dialogue with the TN channel, Balbi assured that the submarine "was heading from the Ushuaia naval base to the Mar del Plata naval base, its usual station, on a very open road" and that "at some point there was no communication" .

The head of the Department of Institutional Communication of the Navy explained that "a protocol was initiated, an internationally approved plan, that when a submarine has ceased to have a link, some procedures are initiated to force the link".

The "half life repair" of ARA San Juan

 The submarine ARA San Juan had been subjected in 2008 to a "half life repair", a difficult and complex work for which it was necessary a preparation of two years of engineering work in the facilities of the Argentine Industrial Naval Complex (Cinar) for to be able to carry it out.  A statement from that time stated that the arrangements would extend the life of the vessel for 30 years.

 The submarine entered the Cinar in December 2008. To replace the engines it was necessary to cut the hull of the vessel in half with oxygen-acetylene and separate it into two parts because it was not possible to remove or enter equipment through the small hatches.

 The four MTU diesel engines of 16 cylinders in V and 1200 Kw of power were replaced, which move an equal quantities of alternators of 4000 amperes.  Likewise, the electric motors responsible for the movement of the propeller received an integral maintenance -which included its complete dismantling, cleaning, measuring, calibrating and subsequent reassembly- with a replacement of the assemblies that dampen the vibration of the engine.

We also made a replacado and comprehensive repair of each of the 960 batteries that operate the submarine and repaired valves and other mechanisms.

The task of reconnecting the submarine, which took place at the end of 2011, involved complexities from a technical point of view: there could be no mistake that compromised the life and safety of the ship's crew.

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