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DK Naval Technologies lifts veil on Seekrieger submersible boat
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DK Naval Technologies lifts veil on Seekrieger submersible boat

Nowadays, navies usually deploy either surface or subsurface ships. Sometimes vessels try to adopt both configurations, such as the Seekrieger High Speed Coastal Craft / Submarine unveiled today at LIMA 2019 exhibition, in Malaysia.

26 Mar 2019 

Proposed by the Singapore-based naval architect DK Naval Technologies, this concept ship is still at the study level. Once completed, this preliminary stage would allow the shipbuilder to assemble a first prototype. It will take us at least three years to get a real vessel , Naval News learned from a company representative. Proposed in civilian and military variants, the Seekrieger is based on a trimaran hull, providing increased stability and speed. Each float will also serve as a ballast tank to control the buoyancy of the vessel.

With a length of 30.3 m and a displacement of 90.2 tonnes, the version showcased during LIMA accommodates up to 10 people. Its gaz turbine / battery propulsion system allows a maximum speed of 120 knots on surface and up to 30 knots once submerged. According to a company representative, the batteries would give the vessel an autonomy of up to two weeks submerged with a maximum speed of 10 knots and a maximum depth of 100 meters, depending on the mission requests. The 30 meters-long version will serve as basis to develop bigger vessels, respectively 45 meters- and 60 meters-long.

Armament integrated on the LIMA 2019 scale model includes two Rheinmetall Sea Snake-27 27 mm lightweight naval guns, but the light armament will be adapted according to customer request , the representative confirmed. Also showcased on the model are two torpedo tubes, one on each side of the bow with 10 light torpedo weapons.

For obvious reasons, antennas, radars and weapons stations are folded back in less than 30 seconds before diving. Typical range of missions for the Seekrieger involves EEZ patrolling and coastal surveillance.

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