Challenger 2 life Extension KMW

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ze hebben er een leopard2 van geprobeerd te maken, cute.

Volgens mij hebben ze een paar spare parts van de  MBT Revolution aan  de Challenger 2 toegevoegd.


ze hebben er een leopard2 van geprobeerd te maken, cute.
"Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion" US secmindef - Jed Babbin"


Van de KMW site geplukt, promo.

Represents the Rheinmetall MBT Combat System Solution with latest generation, Lethality, Survivability and Surveillance & Target Acquisition Systems together with a fully digitized core architecture, enabling continued growth and future technology exploration. This leverages our path into Leopard and other Main Battle Tank upgrade or replacement system Programmes.

Lethality: Most modern 120mm High-Pressure L55 main armament. Firing world class temperature-independent KE tank rounds and unique programmable HE ammunition. Increased first hit capability through latest sensor and fire control technologies.

Survivability: The new turret structure and modular armour provides the highest standard of protection for the crew. Provisions are made for the integration of additional Hard-Kill (Active Defence Systems) and Soft-Kill (Jamming or Obscuration) Systems.

Surveillance & Target Acquisition: Fully digitized, improved long-range commander and gunner primary sights with automatic target detection and tracking for enhanced lethality. Integrated enhanced local, target and battlefield situational awareness into the crew stations guarantee superior fightability.

Future Growth: The Rheinmetall MBT Technology Solution provides significant growth potential in all combat system related key capability areas. The new physical, electronic and electrical architecture is ready to support upgrades and new developments over the next decades.